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Renaissance Gaming was founded as a hobby to share the potential of fully exploring games. Meet the people (and pup) who are involved.


Player 1: Gabriel


Gabriel is a family medicine resident in Texas. His first memory of video games is playing Alone In The Dark when he was only four years old. Ever since then, games have been a significant part of his life. Ultimately, he wants to develop Renaissance Gaming into a well-known community for gaming completionists. Join him on his quest and take the vow of non-stop gaming!

Player 2: Zoë


Zoë is an elementary school teacher. She had zero gaming experience prior to meeting Gabriel but now enjoys co-op multiplayer games. She even found some success streaming on Twitch for a while! It is rumored that a great wizard was so put-off by her lack of gaming skills that he turned her into breakfast.

Player 3: Bowser


Bowser is very proud to serve as the official Renaissance Gaming mascot. His hobbies include chewing on things, biscuits, and wreaking havoc. He also loves dinosaurs, motorcycles, and making cameos at the end of some Renaissance Gaming videos.

Player 4: ???

Player 4

It's you! ...or it could be you. Take the vow of non-stop gaming and join the monastery to become player four. Subscribe today!