Renaissance Gaming

Alone In The Dark

A suspicious suicide. A chilling curse. A malevolent power. And a wicked dark secret. This is Derceto, legendary Louisiana mansion- where, against your better judgment, you're drawn into a world of shadows to explore the darker side of Jeremy Hartwood's imagination. But alas, you accepted, and now you must make your way through this spine-tingling adventure alone...and in the dark.

About Series

Alone In The Dark was hailed by Guinness World Records as the "First Ever 3D Survival Horror Game" in he 2008 Gamer's edition. This game is my first memory of a full computer game. I remember playing it when I was only four years old. As a 20 year anniversary of when I first played the game, I decided to record a 100% playthrough of this classic survival horror on Halloween! Join me as I unlock the mysteries of Derceto.

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