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Civilization IV

Civilization IV is a turn-based game in which the player builds an empire from scratch. It begins in the Ancient Era (4000 BC) with a single Settler. From there, the player expands the empire while contending with rivals, utilizing the terrain, and developing technology. There are many obstacles to face, modeled on political or economic problems faced by real-world nations. Develop your empire's culture, military, technology, and diplomacy to become the premier civilization to stand the test of time.

About Series

In this playthrough, I re-learn the basic aspects of the game in low difficulty (CHIEFTAIN). IU have no specific goals or strategy in this round. Plenty of mistakes are made, but lots of fun is had. The game is played at NORMAL speed on a HUGE FRACTAL map. The climate is TEMPERATE and the sea level is MEDIUM. The leader is SALADIN of the ARABIAN EMPIRE. In subsequent playthroughs, I hope to increase the difficulty and focus on specific strategies.

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