Renaissance Gaming

The Hobbit

Play as Bilbo Baggins in a third-person adventure based loosely on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel, The Hobbit. Featuring an intriguing storyline it takes players to places from the classic book as well as to completely original locales. Live out scenarios from the book, including the meeting of Gandalf and the dwarves, the shadowy encounter with the hungry and insane Gollum and the battle with the dragon Smaug, among others. Use the power of the infamous ring to become invisible and sneak past enemies. Fight enemies with various weapons such as a walking stick, throwing stones, and the magical sword Sting.

About Series

Join Renaissance Gaming for a 100% playthrough/walkthrough of The Hobbit just in time for the release of the final "The Hobbit" movie. This game perfectly immerses players into Tolkien's world with a lot of character and style. Explore Hobbiton, steal from the cave trolls, venture into Goblin Town, and outsmart Smaug the Terrible. This playthrough is stuffed full of adventure, humor, and Lord of the Rings trivia. A must for any fan of Lord of the Rings!

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