Renaissance Gaming

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3DS

A twisted skull kid will destroy the world in three days by sending the moon crashing down into the land of Termina. To stop him, Link must collect powerful masks and relive those final days in many unexpected ways. What sort of people will he meet along the way? Will Link be able to save them all? Venture into the dark world of Majora's Mask to find out.

About Series

Join Renaissance Gaming for a 100% playthrough/walkthrough of the 3D remake of the greatest game of all time. An incredible amount of time and effort was put into the planning of this series so that every signifcant scene, secret, and easter egg is shown at the best possible time to create a rich gameplay story. Reap the fruits of Operation Moonfall and watch the most intense game of all time get demolished.

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